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Eucharist is the source and summit of the Christian life. It is our lifeline to remain with our Lord and bear fruit abundantly. This is the last wish of Jesus to his followers and the church faithfully follows the apostolic tradition by celebrating the holy mass.  Our sharing in the Body and Blood of Christ has no other purpose than to transform us into that which we receive” (Saint Pope Leo the Great).

Request Masses? A Great Way of Supporting the Mission

Requesting a mass for your loved ones is a beautiful expression of one’s gratitude and appreciation to your dear ones of both living and deceased. You can request mass for healing and recovery for yourself and for those who are sick or in pain. You can also offer mass for those who have gone from us. As the people who have left us can not pray for themselves, it is our duty and charity to offer prayers and masses for the repose of their souls. You can pray for the souls in purgatory to relieve them from their suffering. There are also other occasions like anniversaries, memorials, jubilees, birthdays, etc. We also offer Gregorian Masses for the repose of the deceased and Novena Masses when you need the most powerful intercessory prayers.

Global Mass Portal (GPS)

Welcome to our Global Mass Portal through our GPS (Global Prayer Service), as managed by Father Ben Chinnappan to provide spiritual nourishment, comfort and strength through the Holy Mass. Eucharist is the source and summit of the Christian life. It is our lifeline to remain with our Lord and bear fruit abundantly. He mandated us to continue the Last Supper in His Memory and proclaim His death and resurrection until He comes back. Today, the church is continuing the healing mission of our Lord through our priests and missionaries. Holy Masses are a faith-filled gift you can give to your loved ones.  Our missionary priests are taking up your concerns to the altar and offer them to the Lord.  A life filled with love, appreciation and gratitude to our loved ones is to remember them through the sacrificial offering. Your support will also enhance our ministry among the poor and the marginalized. When you submit to have a Holy Mass said through my mission myself, and a priest in one of our missionary countries will celebrate the Holy Mass for your intention. In this way, you are not only doing a spiritual work of mercy (having a Mass said), you are also providing a corporal work of mercy because you are helping a priest in a poor community.  We are ready to fulfill your spiritual needs. You can choose a Mass card according to your necessity. We will inform you about the missionary and location where the Mass is offered and pray for you. Please join our Global Prayer Service (GPS) and reach out to one another and share the blessings of our Lord. May God bless you!

Holy Mass, the Most Priceless Gift on Earth!

The Eucharistic Celebration is the greatest and highest act of prayer and constitutes the center and the source from which even the other forms receive “nourishment”—Pope Benedict XVI

Having a Holy Mass said for yourself, a loved one, or your special intention is the greatest prayer you can offer to God for your request. As Pope Benedict XVI says in the above quote, the Mass is truly the highest form of prayer. In the Holy Mass, you are spiritually putting your prayer at the foot of the Cross of Christ. How close to Christ’s heart can you get than this? To have a Mass offered for a loved one, living or deceased, is the greatest gesture of love you can give to them. For example, you can have a Holy Mass said for your children’s holiness or salvation or a general Mass for the conversion of sinners or the souls in purgatory, which is a notable pious practice. Additionally, having a Holy Mass said for yourself on a regular basis is also wise, which is why St. Anselm stated, “A single Mass offered for oneself during life may be worth more than a thousand celebrated for the same intention after death.”

Father Ben's Global Ministry

Being in the Catholic ministry as a priest for more than three decades, my focus has been always on bringing the good news of love and hope to the poor and oppressed as in Luke 4:18. I live out my vocation by affirming the voice of the voiceless and confirming their needs and concerns in concrete ways. Having received my Licentiate in Theology from the University of St. Paul in Canada and a certification as a Catholic chaplain from the USCCB, I also have been working  for the Department of the Veterans Affair since 2004 with my current assignment in San Diego, CA.

I am thankful to all donors who support my charity and mission. Going forward, I will continue to work tirelessly as an advocate for the least of God’s people and to pray that one day the human rights atrocity of India’s caste system will be no more. 

How can you participate?

Ministry for the Children

Many children easily dropout from schools and become child labors. We help them to remain at our school.

Ministry for the Widows & Destitute

We are actively serving a population often forgotten and oppressed.

Ministry for the Poor & Orphan

Education is the key to bring the poor & orphan children back to the main stream of the society.

Ministry for the Sick

We provide primary quality health care to the villagers who have no easy access to medical centres at an affordable cost.

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