Holy Mass, the Most Priceless Gift on Earth!

The Eucharistic Celebration is the greatest and highest act of prayer and constitutes the center and the source from which even the other forms receive “nourishment”—

Pope Benedict XVI

Having a Holy Mass said for yourself, a loved one, or your special intention is the greatest prayer you can offer to God for your request. As Pope Benedict XVI says in the above quote, the Mass is truly the highest form of prayer. In the Holy Mass, you are spiritually putting your prayer at the foot of the Cross of Christ. How close to Christ’s heart can you get than this? To have a Mass offered for a loved one, living or deceased, is the greatest gesture of love you can give to them. For example, you can have a Holy Mass said for your children’s holiness or salvation or a general Mass for the conversion of sinners or the souls in purgatory, which is a notable pious practice. Additionally, having a Holy Mass said for yourself on a regular basis is also wise, which is why St. Anselm stated, “A single Mass offered for oneself during life may be worth more than a thousand celebrated for the same intention after death.”

When you submit to have a Holy Mass said through my mission myself, and a priest in one of our missionary countries will celebrate the Holy Mass for your intention. In this way, you are not only doing a spiritual work of mercy (having a Mass said), you are also providing a corporal work of mercy because you are helping a priest in a poor community. Additionally, please consider having a Mass offered for anniversaries, memorials, jubilees, birthdays, etc. We also offer Gregorian Masses for the repose of the deceased and Novena Masses when you need the most powerful intercessory prayers.

We are ready to fulfill your spiritual needs. You can choose a Mass card according to your necessity. We will inform you about the missionary and location where the Mass is offered and pray for you.

Please join our Global Prayer Service (GPS) and reach out to one another and share the blessings of our Lord. May God bless you!

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