“Back in 2014, my daughter, a middle school student back then, had some really big dreams. She had always had a passion for animals and told me that she wanted to go to college and study Wildlife Biology to pursue her dream of becoming a wildlife biologist. I was so glad to hear about her goals, but it broke my heart when I realized that even if I saved 50% of my income, I would never be able to afford to pay for her college tuition. That is why I chose to start investing in prayer for her future. For the next 7 years from 2014 till 2021, I faithfully held a Holy Mass every month for not only Her Holiness but also with the intention that she would be blessed with a scholarship in her senior year of high school. Years later, when my daughter was a senior, she was not only offered one full-tuition scholarship but four. She is now a college student pursuing her ambition and attending school debt-free, thanks to a full-ride scholarship that covers not only her tuition but also her accommodation, board, food, and textbooks! Through the Holy Mass, God abundantly blesses.
“I care for my elderly mother. Her overall health has been described as "vulnerable" by doctors due to her heart and kidney diseases. This is why learning that my mother had contracted pneumonia one winter was such a shock. The prognosis was not optimistic. I quickly called several local parishes after leaving the emergency room to see if they could conduct a Holy Mass for mom as soon as possible. When Little Flower Parish confirmed that they would offer a Mass for my mother the next day, I was overjoyed. Mom miraculously had an X-ray the next week that showed her lungs were pneumonia-free and she was healed!”
“I ran into a church friend a few years ago who told me about his other friend's wife, who was an atheist with terminal cancer. He requested me to pray for her because she was adamantly opposed to any discussion about God. I prayed for her on and off throughout the next week. When I saw my friend two weeks later at Sunday Mass, he told me that her spirituality was still closed to God and that her cancer had worsened to the point where they didn't expect her to make it past the weekend. This made me really sad. Later, I decided to pray a rosary, the chaplet of divine mercy, and have a Holy Mass said for her soul. My friend's wife called me later that night to inform me that the woman had died that evening. What was beautiful was that a few hours before she died, she asked to see a priest out of the blue! They said right before she died, the priest spoke with her and blessed her. God is merciful, and the power of the Holy Mass is incredible.”
“Over the years, I've become friends with a community of cloistered nuns. One day I called the monastery with a prayer request and the sister who answered the phone told me to pray for one of their sisters who had just received her last rites. I immediately submitted a Mass for her online. When I spoke with the sisters again three days later, I was surprised to learn that the terminal nun had made a recovery and God had given her more time!”

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